“How much is too much ? How much is too little ?”, I asked myself while having a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) brainstorming discussion with my cofounder.

I grew up with the lean startup ideology baked into me, but I’ve never questioned the process on a deeper level. There is a clear trade off you make when you define the MVP between delivering a stellar experience vs not especially if you are making something scrappy in a short period of time.

This was an important question for me to answer with the current context because now I have the leverage of resources vs in the past where I was doing everything myself or with a very small team.

I’ve been consuming tons of content over the past couple of weeks around this subject, only to realise that it may be more art than science. The clear trade off is that more minimal it is, the less stellar the experience is.

Google didn’t start out as a search landing page for MVP. They actually had to built out the backend to deliver a stellar search experience. So being thoughtful about what to include and what not to include isn’t very straightforward.

What is the problem ?

Forming a habit conveniently around mental and physical fitness is an uphill battle.

Who am I solving this problem for ?

Suburban moms in their late 30’s and early 40’s, who are busy but also want to prioritise a fitness routine but are having trouble with forming a habit around it. They also want to take care of their mental health but find it hard to form habits there too. They work in tech or healthcare, make about 80-150k by themselves and really want to get fitter, both mentally and physically.

They’ve expereinced yoga in the past but none of the current online solutions have helped them form a habit since COVID. The Zoom experience with their local studio/teacher is bad, going to websites like Alo Yoga complicates the process further because discovering the right content is left to the user. If they really knew what to watch, why wouldn’t they just use YouTube ?

How can I solve this problem ?

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